Wealth Planning For LGBT Families

barrington-gist-nashvilleNashville Gay Parents is proud to announce the Wealth Planning for LGBT Families Workshop with Barrington Gist, MBA of Morgan Stanley.  The event will be held on Sunday, September 8, 2013 at 1:00 pm at 752 Madison Square in Madison, TN.  Child care will not be provided, however a space is available for parents to bring their children with a sitter.

The following is a synopsis the presenter Mr. Gist:


Couples and families across America seek to live life on their own terms, but same-sex couples face additional challenges. Particularly in the financial area, couples’ decisions require deeper analysis and more careful planning as they work together to achieve many of life’s most important goals. What do you need to know to make sound financial decisions? How do you plan for your children’s education? What factors are likely to affect your family’s finances and long term planning? The more you know, the better able you and your family will be to live life on your terms.

Teaching Points
There are a number of important factors to discussed, but five main points require greater analysis. In this presentation I hope to explain these topics and discuss how it will affect your life. Your child’s education is important. Gaining a clear perspective on where college costs are heading and weigh various approaches to saving for college. It is important to learn about the unique benefits of 529 college savings plan, Coverdell Education Saving account and other education saving strategies. Same-sex family finance planning is essential to your future. With health care expenses, employ¬ee benefits, income taxes and the treatment of dependents — building a workable financial strategy requires navigating the special considerations that apply to LGBT families. Plan your retirement now. Achieving the flexibility and financial independence you want in retirement will require a careful analysis of the benefits that are — and aren’t — avail¬able to same-sex couples. Controlling your legacy should be a factor you think about. Your legacy is the opportunity to pass on the material rewards of your life in the way that best fulfills your goals and reflects your values. And lastly, you should know the law. The more you know about laws in your state and across the country — and about how they are changing — the more control you can have over your life.

My role is to help you with your overall planning and help you find the most suitable strategies and solutions for your individual needs. Typically, I also coordinate efforts with other professional advisors – your CPA and/or attorney, for example. I can also help you find estate planning and charitable giving experts in the LGBT community that can guide clients in setting up an appropriate plan for you, referrals to tax and legal experts who understand the complexities of tax and financial decisions for LGBT families.

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