Touching Lives, Building Bridges

When Greg and I had Micah, we made the tough choice to live very openly on-line and in public as a visible gay family.  We never wanted Micah to become a political pawn or purpose; however, we felt that living open would build bridges and bury the horrible stereotypes many Americans have about gay people.

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After posting a family photo on the beach, we received over 500 likes, comments and shares.  Later that week, I received this amazing email from a lady we don’t even know who has seen our family on Facebook.    It’s way too good not to share, with her permission, of course.

“Hi Brian,

I just had to tell you how deeply your family photo for the Summer of 2013 touched me. I see you and you family as a true American family…no other label needed. A beautiful American family with love and laughter and no CLOSETS! I so wish that my brother had felt that freedom. I lost him to suicide 10 days before his 35th birthday. That was many years ago and I now just enjoy the wonderful memories I have of him and they are about the wonderful man that he was.

gay-fathers-dad-tennessee-nashville-You and your partner have the kind of relationship that says everything a marriage should say without ever saying a word. Just your pictures tell the story. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband [and] we have put five children through college, we enjoy our grand-kids and we still love each other like yesterday was the first day.

Your family pic just reminded me of me and Xxxx while the kids were all small how much fun we all had, how much my brother loved my kids and  Xxxx’s kids and I just wanted to wish you all things wonderful in this world. You are such a good example of humanity. Thank you for helping to bridge gaps for the ignorance that surrounds us..and know that it can be overcome when we aren’t even trying. Your picture will make someone say….’what a lovely family’ without even knowing that you have begun to make them see a ‘normal’ family as a bond of love and not gender.

Thank you again. Take care. ~Xxxxx”

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