Our Mission:  The Nashville Gay Parent group builds a community that nurtures and accepts all families equally.  Through social activities, public awareness and resource matching, the group weaves the fabric of our families throughout the Greater Nashville area to strengthen all families.

Who are we?
We are a group of LGBT parents and their allies with infant to school-aged children.

How long has the group been around?
On November 1, 2011, the on-line version of the group was launched on Facebook and MeetUp.com. The first face-to-face MeetUp was held in January 27, 2012 at 108 Fern Avenue, Nashville, TN and was called “Soup & Suckers.”

What is the group’s makeup?
Currently, over 100 families are involved. Families vary from same gender male couples to same gender female couples to single parents to straight-ally families. Many ethnicities and nationalities are represented. Families of children with exceptionalities are active.

Can straight, but gay-friendly families join in?

Are parentless, future parents or those who no longer have kids at home welcome?
Future events are being considered to connect hopeful parents with services, stories and support. For now, the group is child-focused, not parent-focused. Our litmus question is, “Will your participation enrich the experience of the children who come?’

What kind of things do we plan or have planned?
We’ve done private and public MeetUps, from an Easter egg hunt at a home to a playday in a water park. While a monthly option is hosted, members are encouraged to use the on-line platform to create small cell groups for additional interest and geographic activities. For example, many of the families who met through the group have become quite close, taking zoo trips and nights out at sporting events. One family recently had a child who required time at Vanderbilt’s Children’s Hospital. The group banded together to deliver meals and cover visitation for over two weeks for the family.

Who pays for all this?
Right now the platforms and many of the events have been paid for by a member of the group who owns a real estate business (www.nashvilleandbeyond.com). The goal is to ween the group from an advertiser and have group members give a small annual donation to off-set costs. MeetUp hosts either pay for event snacks/food themselves or the items are brought by the group.

How do I sign up and get involved?
At Facebook, request to join the group. Your request will be approved within 48 hours. At MeetUp, follow the steps to get in the loop. Facebook is used as a discussion area while MeetUp is used as the official communications platform for events. You’ll find photos, discussion and events.